Alexandre Tillay

My name is Alexandre Tillay, I'm a 19 years old web developper living in Paris. I am also a DJ at Spree Sound System.

I created this website because I wasn't able to find any free solution to host my podcast on iTunes. I could have simply host it on a FTP but I wanted a complete tool to create, delete, update my episodes and podcast informations. Instead of making it as a personnal project I thought it could be a good idea to make this project public.

The difficulty was to find a way to host podcast episodes for free, I finally found a solution with OneDrive API. But this website is not just a podcast hosting platform, you can explore and search for podcasts.

Special thanks to Lionel Quellery who helped me to define the website features and motivated during all project developpement and Nicolas Aguado for designing the logo.

For any information, contact me on this email : alex.tillay[at]gmail.com